Friday, June 30, 2017

The 1981 photo above shows then-lavishly financed anti-Soviet US ally Osama bin Laden and US National Security Advisor Brzezinski in rebel-held territory in Afghanistan. Bin Laden was murdered, gang-land style, on May 2, 2011 by US Special Forces, in Pakistan. He could never be brought to trial because he knew too much.

The film clip*, made in Pakistan in 1979, shows Brzezinski givng a pep talk, cynically invoking "God," to religious Afghan Mujahideen tribesmen, encouraging them to "liberate" Afghanistan from the Soviet-backed secular government. This successful "liberation" resulted in the installation of the religious fundamentalist Taliban government in 1996.

In a spectacular double-cross, which required the collaboration of the US main stream media, the US invaded Afghanistan in 2001, allegedly for its failure to extradite bin Laden, whom the US presumed to have masterminded the 9/11/2001 World Trade Center attack.

The events here depicted were the last act in the US's "successful" crusade against the USSR, but which unleashed waves of terrorism, the toppling of sovereign states, the deaths of millions of civilians, and waves of refugees not seen since WW2.

There had been three previous unsuccessful attempts to destroy the Soviet Union:

  • In the early 1920's, invasion by contingents of armed forces from Great Britain, France, the US, Canada, Japan, Italy, and Czechoslovakia
  • In 1941, the invasion organized and led by Nazi Germany
  • In 1945, the Cold War organized and led by the US

The last, and ultimately successful tactic, was the arming and financing of religious fundamentalists and involving the Soviets in a Vietnam-like war they could not win in Afghanistan.

Thus, terrorism, rather than being a natural calamity like a plague of locusts, was the result of a desperate, last-resort tactic to achieve a US policy goal which had been in place since 1917, but which, by 1979, seemed out of reach by conventional means: the toppling of the Soviet Union.

* The film clip was extracted from a YouTube presentation in German by Ken Jebsen.

Footnote: In a final irony, considering what it took to destroy the USSR, US propaganda maintains that its government was "not viable."


My thoughts on "How Putin Seduced..."

For a 20 year period early in the Cold War, the US denied security clearances to homosexuals, a class of sexual deviants that has since rebranded itself, with the notable help of the NY Times, as "gay." The official rationale for this policy was that such persons were blackmailable by the USSR and, hence, were a security risk. The irony, even the hypocrisy, in all this is that the U.S. propaganda apparatus now uses such individuals from Russia in its propaganda war against that country.

Masha Gessen, the author of the anti-Putin opinion piece to the right, is just such a person: a homosexual, anti-Putin Russian. Her complaint against the Russian government is that its law prohibiting the proseletyzing for homosexuality is discriminatory.

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