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  No. 458-04

Statement from DoD Spokesperson Mr. Lawrence Di Rita

          “The article in this weeks New Yorker Magazine by Seymour Hersh is based on what appears to be a single anonymous source that makes dramatically false assertions.  The burden of proof for these false claims rests upon the reporter.”


          "These assertions on activities at Abu Ghraib, and the abuse of Iraqi detainees are outlandish, conspiratorial, and filled with error and anonymous conjecture.


          "The abuse evidenced in the videos and photos, and any similar abuse that may come to light in any of the ongoing half dozen investigations into this matter, has no basis in any sanctioned program, training manual, instruction, or order in the Department of Defense.


          "No responsible official of the Department of Defense approved any program that could conceivably have been intended to result in such abuses as witnessed in the recent photos and videos.


          "To correct one of the many errors in fact, Undersecretary Cambone has no responsibility, nor has he had any responsibility in the past, for detainee or interrogation programs in Afghanistan, Iraq, or anywhere else in the world.


          "This story seems to reflect the fevered insights of those with little, if any, connection to the activities in the Department of Defense."


          “With these false claims, the Magazine and the reporter have made themselves part of the story.”