U.S.-led Coalition Forces on Eve of Collapse

Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- As already reported, the Philippines finished the withdrawal of its troops from Iraq on July 19. It brought to five those nations which completed the pullback of their troops from Iraq. Spain, Honduras, Nicaragua and Dominica already withdrew their troops from the country.

After occupying Iraq in April last year, the U.S. had suffered from a shortage of forces. So it could not but entreat the United Nations for support. It raised a "compromise proposal" for replacing the U.S.-led occupation forces with multinational forces for the stability of Iraq and letting the United Nations play a leading role in the Iraqi issue and had it adopted by a narrow margin as a resolution of the UN Security Council in last October.

With anti-U.S. and anti-war sentiments growing stronger in the world, Spain announced its decision on its troop pullback from Iraq on April 18, prompting other nations to withdraw or reduce their troops from the country.

According to the Washington Post July 15, Estonia, New Zealand, Norway and Thailand are now planning to get their troops out of Iraq.

Portugal stated that it would keep its troops in Iraq only until November this year. On July 18, Poland announced that it would considerably reduce its troops in Iraq from the beginning of next year.

Meanwhile, Singapore, Moldova and other nations have taken steps to diminish their troops in the Middle East country.

It is the view of foreign media that the coalition forces are now on the eve of collapse. The situation is a result of the Bush Administration's unilateral policy of aggression.