At The Rhine: 1918

Kurt Tucholsky, "Deutschland, Deutschland über Alles," Berlin 1929

T hey are coming back, these German soldiers — but why did they go forth? And for whom?
Dressed as soldiers, these miners, laboreres, plumbers, and office workers are all returning — with an enemy at their backs, who was, basically, no enemy at all, just a partner in a war — with the real enemy ahead of them, that only the class conscious among them recognizes.
They don't yet know that what awaits them at home is inflation, that fraudulent bankruptcy of the state, and hunger, and unemployment — and 1 Mark and 67 pfennig per week as compensation for the wounded. That is the thanks they'll get from their fatherland.
For what? For whom?
For the financiers of your wars; for the financiers of your peace.

From Deutschland, Deutschland über Alles," p. 13 by Kurt Tucholsky, Berlin, 1929.
Translated by Otto Hinckelmann March 25, 2005.