The Humor Page

This page shows that we have a sense of humor, even if it is of the gallows kind.

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11 May '04: NOW SAY, "DEE-MO-CRAY-Z!"
11 May '04: Bush Gets His Comeuppance
04 Sept '03: USS Bush Breaking Up
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10 June '03: Bush Shows Us The Way To Peace
08 June '03: Bush's WMD Problem (updated)
17 May '03: Hegemon Notices Another Upstart
05 May '03: Bush's WMD Problem
17 March '03: Bush The WMD Neutralizer
22 August '02: Bush's Answer To Forest Fires
26 March '02: Enron's Last All-hands Meeting
01 Feb '02: Why Janet Reno Fainted In Rochester, NY
29 Jan '02: The Sherman Austin Story