There is no physical inspiration for this picture. It's straight from my imagination.

It got its start when I figured out a way to simulate the appearance of corrugated iron in my drawing program (CorelDraw 11).

Rogers Ag Chemicals Co.

What can you do with corrugated iron?
Make a cheap industrial building.

What does a cheap industrial building need?
Cheap raw material.

What else?
Cheap labor.

How does cheap raw material get delivered?
In an open hopper railroad car on a deserted siding.

How does cheap labor get delivered?
It walks up on its own two legs, starvation at its back.

Business is bad so half of the raw material is still in the railroad car,
deteriorating in the weather and leaching into the ground.

What kind of cheap business is it that uses bulk raw material like that?
Agricultural chemicals.

Maybe the workers are sick from years of exposure to the stuff.
There's no sign of life. Maybe the place is bankrupt.

What does a place like that look like on a gray foggy morning?

Like the picture.