Artist's Comments

Lucian Freud
"Girl with Leaves" (1948)
Lucian Freud's Girl
"Girl with Window" (2007)

On December 14, 2007, the New York Times did a story on an exhibition of paintings by the British painter Lucian Freud at the New York Museum of Modern Art. Accompanying the article was a slide show of ten representative paintings and etchings by the artist.

One of these, Girl with Leaves, done in 1948, appealed to me and I decided to try to draw it in my vector drawing program (CorelDraw 11).

The middle picture is my first attempt. I gave up trying to duplicate the randomness in the hair of the original.

The picture on the right is my variation on L. Freud's original.

In preparing this documentation I noticed the heart-shaped leaf in the original painting, which leads me to conclude that the artist had a romantic attachment to his subject.