Artist's Comments

My version

Hairspray Production
Original ad that I worked from.
Various croppings of the original image were used in the advertisements for the very successful musical play, Hairspray. The newspaper versions were usually black and white, but I found a full color version on the internet. The one I worked from is on the right. Most of the ads show only half of the face, but it was easy to copy it, mirror it, and then merge the two.

Other than the mouth, my drawing is an attempt to copy the original as closely as possible. The challenge, of course, was to create a reasonable representation of the hair. Because the original drawing is, to some extent, an abstraction, the substantial departure from realism of the hair in my version of the drawing perhaps just makes it under the wire of acceptability.

I spent a disproportionate amount of time on the ribbon, but I think it came out rather well.