US Ruling Elite Yearns for The Bad Old Days

March 5, 2012

And purely coincidentally, he just happens to be the only leader of a major power who is openly and effectively critical of US foreign policy.

And since when is a 46% lead an "edge"?

Or, since when is a horse that wins by 3.7 lengths winning "by a nose"?

In the Fun House of Mirrors of US propaganda.

Tilted Election
in Russia Gave
Edge to Putin
Monitors Say


20 minutes ago

European observers issued a
harsh critique of Russia's
presidential election on
Monday, saying Prime
Minister Vladimir V.
Putin's victory was
preordained and unfair.

Experts Say Putin's Victory Convincing, Expect Reshuffle

Topic: Vladimir Putin Elected Russian President


American propaganda has been driven to the level of incoherence.

The final Russian vote count gives these results:

The NYT says (in the clip to the right, and coyly, as usual, by quoting persons it agrees with) that Putin's election victory is not legitimate. Meaning, presumably, in the opinion of the US propaganda flagship, that Gennady Zyuganov, as head of the Communist Party of Russia, was cheated out of his legitimate victory and right to rule Russia.

Since Putin got 45,513,001 votes and Zyuganov got 12,288,624 votes, to cause Putin not to win, 28,900,813 ostensible Zyuganov ballots would have had to have been fraudulently credited to Putin. Even by US standards, that's a lot of hanging chads.

Furthermore, between 12/16/2011 and 2/26/2012, ten opinion polls were conducted by three professional polling organizations. All showed Putin winning with between 52.2% and 66%.

And here is the absurdity: It took the International Capitalist Mafia, of which Wall Street is the local chapter, three quarters of the 20th century, a world war, trillions of dollars, and mountains of human corpses to finally defeat Lenin's Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the predecessor of Zyuganov's party, and now, rather than face Vladimir Putin for the next six years, the US would rather have the Communists back in power!