This is a satire which has as its starting point one of the NY Times' breathless real estate articles written by and for people with a lot of money and quite limited intelligence.
It occurs to me that this satire attacks the ahistoric capitalist paradigm that the rich deserve their wealth. I hasten to add that it is not my intent to attack all persons of wealth, which is mere barroom Marxism.

Garage Door Chic At The NYT

Complete with corrugated tin roof and a working glass dolly

Grant Mudford
ARCHITECT'S MODEL HOME in Montecito. Conversation pieces are a working hydraulic lift under the rug and a faux grease hose rollup that dispenses chilled, low trans fat seltzer made with no less than 5% genuine ice age melted glacier water from Norway. The lift can be activated by a handle behind a group of faux books on the shelf to the right when the party conversation begins to lag. Additional authenticity is provided by a faux mechanic's droplight that functions as a romantic chandelier for those carefully planned yet informal retro Gatsby assignations. Up to 5 optional oil stains can be specified by the client at no extra cost. For the purist, ultra-realistic life-size silhouettes of period cars can be supplied at a slight additional charge. Shown is a "Bonnie and Clyde" era 1933 Ford coupe. Who can resist this steal at 2.25 mill?

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